When European explorers and travellers first arrived on the shores of the America's and Australia etc, to the surprised indigenous inhabitants they were like aliens arriving from another planet.

This planet Earth is home to a wide array of species and groups who were once "alien" to each other. Today there is little unknown left to discover about the planet and it's inhabitants.

May there not yet be equally surprising unknown realms as remote from our present conscious knowledge, as we were once to those "primitive inhabitants"?

May it be possible that within the Realms of Consciousness there are yet hidden area's that are just as remote and unknown, waiting to be "discovered"?

Is is not true that the human dimension of consciousness and of knowledge has been on a long journey of discovery and development for the known period of our human history?

May it be possible as part of our ongoing species development, that implanted within the emerging human consciousness is the seed of "cosmic consciousness"?

And does this seed when developed, allow us to connect to the consciousness of the "One in whom we live and move and have our being" -  our native Universal Consciousness?

Is this Cosmic Consciousness the next real and emerging frontier of human  exploration and development?

What could this Cosmic Consciousness be, and could it's "discovery" now become the real springboard from which humans on the planet can begin to create a new world civilisation in which all are able to fly together and live together as one in peace, harmony and goodwill?

Have there not been some few notable individuals in our known historical past who have proclaimed the existence of this consciousness and become adherents of its cause and purpose for humanity as "the way to go"?

These may be all consuming or interesting questions to some, but not so to others.

Only explorers, pioneers and seekers set out into the unknown to look for new realms and frontiers. Others are content to follow or remain behind.

Journeying into the "unknown" labyrinths of the human mind to find a pathway into the Universal Mind requires dedicated, daring and intrepid souls. However it really is a long and well established tradition of our collective human endeavours.

For the sake of and the cause of assisting our ongoing human development and evolution, and for the hope of alleviating the long sufferings of the human condition, we undertake and dedicate this journey.

It is a journey into the Universal Mind.

How much longer need we consider that we are aliens in our own Universe and treat our planet and ourselves with so much abuse?

In order to transform, humans need a transforming experience.

Let it come forth now!

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Journey into the mind

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