-The Great Pyramid-

Designed and informed by the Master Consciousness to demonstrate and reveal

the eternal and universal patterns from which all Life springs and evolves.

The Great Pyramid symbolizes and demonstrates the eternal relationship between spirit and matter. It's base is four square, set in "solid" matter and rises to a point or infinite unity.

So it is with a human being. It's "base of the spine" chakra (4 petals) is set in a similar relationship to its "crown" chakra (1000 petals)

Universal energy (chi) descending and ascending along spiral pathways, creating at critical points of interaction, a seven centered pattern of crystallization. These seven major centres constitute the basis of a structural web around which fleshly (material) forms are built. This inner vital etheric body over which and through which the Life Force flows, then becomes the matrix which sets the outer form and the eternal inner soul consciousness into their unique relationship and creates the person we know and recognise as the individual human being.