Consider the  field of our personal self consciousness and The Greater Universe in which we and all creatures exist. 

Who really am I when I say, I am  Mary Smith or Joe Bloggs? 

Mary is an evolving human idea. Mary is different at 20,40,60,80 years than she was at 10 or 2.

Mary the human  is evolving as a seed of consciousness (i-dea) into an ideal, a universal ideal - a universal reality. As this seed/idea of self grows, incarnation after incarnation, ones idea of selfhood is growing towards becoming united (at one) with THE ONE who I AM really is,

"The One in whom we live, move and have our Being".

Becoming aware of and then becoming at-one with the infinite ocean of conscious Life/Energy/Spirit in all its infinite dimensions, (GOD, ALLAH, BRAHMA) which surrounds and is within us, and from which we ALL have come, is our real business here on Earth. 


We are like the chicken coming out of an earthly egg/ego/cell/self into a universal reality.

As we pass through our unfolding soul initiations which expand and re-focus our consciousness and bring us into contact with the Universal Self,

we discover, develop and become that Consciousness itself.

Within the deepest recesses of our human beings, we continue to discover that we have always been connected and never really been disconnected from this Universal Ocean of Life. How could it be otherwise? 

In whatever state it is in, the drop is always a part of the ocean, any separation only an illusion - a self delusion.

From within our evolving human state we are learning to consciously build the "rainbow bridge" of consciousness (sanskrit = antahkarana )  which connects us to our Universal Self.

Becoming universally conscious means BECOMING THE CONSCIOUSNESS of the Ocean, in which the unit and the whole are indivisible and inseparable parts of each other.

It means that along with every other thing and every other cell(f), I am that ocean.

I am part of

The Universal Brotherhood of Life.


 This is the Wholeness of self becoming the Holiness of Self - 

the One that is in All and the All that is in One.

In these times the journey of universal self un-foldment on this planet is being subjected to a process of accelerated completion.

Universal Mind is rapidly being downloaded into the human.

Many souls have come to accelerate and participate in this powerful event.

The technological age heralds the coming of the Age of Universal Consciousness.

All the frontiers of human searching and researching are pounding on the doors of the Source of Universal Knowledge seeking answers.

This is "a moment" in human evolution that sees the birth (out of chaos) of a new era for all life on this planet.

It sees the transcending of the era of our tribal personal selfish ( I, me, mine) style of human history into an era of unity and planetary brotherhood.


This is the planetary moment in which we live and through which we are passing.

We must come through.