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At the very core there is a unity, a point of divine life or  a sacred self within us all. This point of unity is the point through which we all connect and become One.

Discovering and becoming that Unity is the Journey of Life that we all are on.  


            The worldly order of human life has humanity trapped in a veil of worldly illusion, largely separated from the awareness, nature and dimension of our own souls.

Can we escape and move forward into the beauty, freedom and bliss of our own Universal Consciousness?

    Unity is a deep universal feeling of the heart. 

    Synthesis is a unifying and clarifying thought of the mind. 

    As our highest thoughts and deepest feelings continue to expand, merge and clarify in our personal self-awareness, our experience of oneness expands to embrace a universal selfawareness, or a knowledge of ourselves as being a part of an infinite cosmological order – part of the infinite One from which all has come .

       1.     There is a cosmological order in the Inner Universe of Being

       2.    This Cosmological Order is at the very core of our need to know.

       3.    Cosmotherapy is the science and study of identifying and becoming that cosmological order or Universal Self.

        4.    By bringing a sense of Universal Order and knowledge into our personal world of dreaming, knowing and being, we begin to settle and harmonise the deeper emotional and mental currents within ourselves.

       5.   The effect of this is inner alignment, healing and a progressive initiation into the deeper realms of the Universal Self.  


The Universal Self is a Being of universal proportions and yet still and always a child, a Child of the Universe of Life. There really is only One Self in the Universe of Life, and all of us are individually made and being made in the image and likeness of that One Being.



The Universal One Self (GOD) is the supreme Archetypal Consciousness from which all comes forth. Our journey is to return to the consciousness from which we were all conceived. Since all comes forth from GOD CONSCIOUSNESS, the CONSCIOUSNESS of GOD is implanted AND EXISTS within all.

"Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to himself hath said, this is my own my native universe" Sir Walter Scott



  Cosmotherapy works by helping us to progress towards an understanding of and an alignment with the Universal or Cosmo-logical Self, allowing us to centre ourselves within all Universal Forms.

        Cosmic Consciousness is the consciousness of The One in all and The All in one.

        As Cosmology is the study of the nature, structure and genesis of the Universe so

         Cosmotherapy is the study of the nature, structure and genesis of the Self and its place in the Universe of Life.  By building a consciousness bridge between the personal self and the Universal Self, we are expressly plugging in to the infinite universal consciousness of which we are a part.

Cosmotherapy deals with the cosmology of Being.

        Getting plugged in to the Universe is a vast and grand journey of discovery and release. This journey into and beyond the mind is known as





The evolution of man is a story of the evolution of consciousness – an evolution proceeding today from the human (outer) to the universal (inner) dimensions of consciousness.

        It is through the discovery and development of the deeper and more hidden (esoteric) inner dimensions of consciousness that humanity moves forward now into its divine inheritance. Cosmological Man is preparing to enter and to lead humanity into the next higher (5th) domain of nature, the Kingdom of Universal Consciousness.

        The emerging discoveries of the cosmological order of the outer (out there) physical universe have been paralleled by the discoveries of the inner (in here) spiritual universe of man. The psychological/spiritual (cosmological) nature of species Man is being revealed now to the world.

        The stage of our evolution from human to the “superhuman” is pre-eminently concerned with the

interior path of consciousness (The Path)

which links us to that universal state. The building of this interior bridge of consciousness begins right within the human mind and through progressive initiation and self transformation, unravels itself ultimately into the vastly expanded actuality of our enlightened Universal Being, where All is One.

“From the point of view of esoteric psychology, evolution is the evolution of consciousness whereby the embedded fragment of the soul within the human personality progressively identifies its spiritual source and becomes at one with it”    The Tibetan



Cosmotherapy recognises:

    1.The individual human mind is constantly filled and preoccupied with thoughts and notions pertaining to its own personal worldly human needs, deeds, interests and survival.

    2.The spaces between those thoughts are mostly narrow and constricted, leaving little room for meditation on and timeless reflections upon the wider landscapes of our universal life.

    3.The infinite emptiness of the Universal Mind with which we are a unity, is filled with the presence of our perfect innate intelligence .

    4.The attainment of this innate Universal Intelligence is achievable whilst right here on Earth in physical incarnation.

    5.The union (yoga) of the personal with the Universal Intelligence of which we are a part, is the next collective evolutionary step for humanity evolving on this planet.

    6.Humanity has created a collective global moral crisis through which it must pass in order to progress beyond the dysfunctional ancient paradigms that have governed its past and present collective thinking.